Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tonight Dinner

We made a movie That got sent into a company called The Outlook For Someday. We made it at school and in the Green Screen Room. It involved the Extension group and Myself and two boys from room 20. We are in the top 5 movies for best audience favourite. We are having a dinner tonight at the Aotea Square. Our Group will be winning a prize. Room 21's movie was called Enviro-Travel.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Maniakalani Film Festival.

I felt nervous. Was I going to be on the big screen? Getting ready to approach the buses, we were going to the HOYTS movie theatre at Sylvia Park to watch a variety of movies. This involved 7 schools from our cluster. We send our movies that we creatively made for the Maniakalani film festival that has been around now for a few years.

Laughing, clapping, shouting... what else? It was another great experience when we saw ourselves on the big screen. It felt like we had new future ahead of us. Myself and a group of experts put together a movie called Enviro-Travel. It took about 2 weeks to plan, film, prep and write the script. It ended up being an excellent movie and everyone laughed at my Russian accent.

My most favourite movie was Te News. It was so funny I burst into laughter. I was so surprised at what these little kids made. The funniest thing I found was Brodie Jacks acting. It was hilarious when he was not ready and always laughed after something fell or was funny.

We sat in the Xtreme Cinema but when i come as a family we sit in the La Primer and watch movies in 3D. I said to Tyler P that it will be awesome if There were a 3D movies at the Film festival. It was really fun when all the movies were playing and then the last one played and the lights turned on and everyone went OHH!!!

I would hope i’ll be able to come next year in college and also make heaps of movies there to. We had to share the cinema with Tamaki Intermediate and the junior’s that Attend Glen Brae. I wish I can go next year and i’ll also want to star in another movie when we all go to Tamaki College. That is always a good influence for our school.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Paradise In Rotorua

Waking up to the smell of of freashness in Rotorua, Staying at Cosy Cottage with a walkway to the lake and a big swimming pool and 3 spa’s. It was really cool at th holiday. Me and my family go down to Roto-vegas (Rotorua) to watch rugby league at the park.

There are many attractions in Rotorua like the luge, Agrdome, meet the locals, parks and many others. Every year we go out to a place but this year we didn’t because we went to my aunty and uncles place. There house is really big and really cool. I played with my cousins.

We went to see my brother play rugby league for Tamaki Makarauand they played five games and won the the tournament and so did Counties Manukau for the Wahine Toa. My sisters, sister played for Counties and they took out there section.

After all the games we were all tired and i fell asleep. The next day we packed and left to go have breakfast and then we hit the road. When we go home i never fall asleep even on the way there. It was really fun and i was gutreted we never went any where this time.


Yay Tennis had arrived to Pt England school. Today tennis was enjoyable. It was intense, competitive and exhausting. We were practising how to use a tennis racket, We were on the senior courts with a man named Marcelle. He plays tennis for a club

It was hard and easy but the boys got it done easily.The girls just weren’t eager to face the boys in the mini comp. We moved on to doing drills but before we started playing a mini comp we had to know how to handle a ball and the tennis racket. So we spilt up into different groups and practised hitting and the whole class got to have a turn with playing on a mini court.

We played a game called King/Queen Of the Court. In groups we had to pass the ball over to the king (which was me) and then I had to hit it back to them without hitting the ball over to the line or hitting it out. It was fun and then...

I got moved to another group so I could get a challenge but I still smashed it at the other group but I was still the king. It was really funny because every time someone won they had to do a victory dance. I had to do it all the time.

Next week we have another session in the morning, Marcelle said to rm 21 we will practise using our back hand and and have a big tournament. He was saying we are really good and really sportie, It is really exciting.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Manly take it out 2011

Last week the Warriors and Manly played for the 2011 NRL grand final, fighting their way through a tough season. Who is going to win ? Well considering the way Manly played this year it was really good and that they read the game well. It was a pleasure that the warriors stood out this year also. It was Nerve racking and also fun.

It was the warriors second time that they have made a grand final. I was watching with family and my aunties and baby cousin. We were all yelling supporting both teams and it was very loud. It was really emotional too.
They all played good games and played hard in the final, but the one that stood out the whole year was Dally Cherry Evans ( Manly Half back). He played exceptionally well and is an awesome kid.

I thought that it was really cool that the Warriors made it but the Manly side took it out. Maybe next year the Warriors might take it out

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


The baby is as smooth as silk.
The baby is like a cute little monkey.
The baby is as loud as a truck.

The monkey is as hairy as a lions main.
The monkey is like a little tree climber.
The monkey is as small as a baby.

The car is as noisy as a truck.
The car is like the roar of of a jet boat.
The car is as clean as the whiteboard.

As brave as a warrior.
As brave like a monkey when climbing tree’s.
As brave as a lion.

As smooth as a plastic bag.
As smooth as a cars body kit.
As smooth as baby bottem.

As soft as a pillow.
As soft as a 3 ply toilet paper
As soft like a monkeys tummie

As happy as someone who has just won lotto.
As happy as if someone got a little puppy.
As happy like it’s your birthday.

As loud as a construcsion site.
As loud as the roar of the fans at Eden Park.
As loud as the Kumeu Drags.

As warm as lying on a wheat bag.
As warm as The heater circulating around the room.
As warm like a netbook over heating.

As large like a consruction digger.
As large as a movie therte.
As large like a rhino.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Adjectives Rwc

Rwc 2011

It was the start of the 2011 Rugby World Cup in New Zealand. For the first time ever, and the biggest tournament held in NZ. It is really busy in town and public transport is "CHOKKA". It is really cool that it is being held in NZ.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Maori Koru All Blacks

This is is a koru design that I started colouring Yesterday afternoon. I am not really a supporter or a fan of Rugby Union but I do support the All Blacks. This is a tradition of Maori drawing.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Paragraph Re-Craft on silly sports

First every body started in there own classes and then we roataed. Room 21 started with playing ball tegge and then we moved to the slingshot. Ms Tito was taking the slingshot, that was my favriote. It was the best because you could earn up to 100 points and who ever got the most points got to have aturn with at lunch time. We only scored 10 points unfortunetley,because Stevie slinged the shot and it hit me so Ms Tito gave us points. That was a the best activity.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Silly, Funny, Different And Energetic.

Silly, funny, different and energetic Games played in the middle block of school. Down on the bottom field, team 5 teachers (Mrs Lagitupu, Mrs Nua, Mr Harris and Ms Tito) each put on an exciting games, including a slingshot, sponge and water, ball tagger and hold a tennis ball on a spoon. It was a rotation of 10 minutes each activity.

First every body started in there own classes and then we made our rotation. Room 21 started with playing ball tagger and then we moved to the slingshot. Ms Tito was taking the slingshot, that was my favorite. It was the best because you could earn up to 100 points, and who ever got the most points could have a turn with it at lunch time. We only scored 10 points unfortunately, because Stevie slinged the shot and it hit me so Ms Tito gave room 21 points.

It was Funny at Mrs Nua’s game because you could get wet but the objective was to try get as much water in one bucket to another. It was funny because people kept squeezing the water before they even got it in the bucket.that was the funniest event.

I was glad that we had that opportunity to spend with the different teachers. It was awesome that we could get out of class and to enjoy the sun. It was really funny, silly, different and energetic.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Howick Hornet Taking On The Otahuhu Leopards

Nervously waiting for the finals as, the Otahuhu Leopards take on The Mighty Howick Hornets. It is so good that the Hornets are taking charge and pride with how they play. That is why the hornets finished in a good place.

It was a thrilling year for the Hornets finishing on the top of the Fox Memorial premiership. It was a tough year for the hornets with there 50th Jubilee. Well isn’t that a cool present?

On our way to the Mount Smart Stadium, It was a nerve racker. Thinking about the game was really scary thinking that something bad could happen. It was really exciting and also scary.

When I got there I had to get changed and warm up. It was awesome because we looked the same as the players and even people wanted to take pictures and told us that I looked like the 14th player. ( I thought it was funny).

It was halftime and the score was 12 - 4 to the Hornet leading the whole game. It was really cool hearing the crowd going wild and crazy. It was the end of the game and the hornets take it this year leaving Otahuhu with tears. It was the first time in 50 years that the Club has been in a final and last year it was the fist year that we have been in the Fox Memorial Premiership.

My brother Tony Tuia got the Doug Price Player of the day And also got Fox Prop of the year and also got nominated for the Fox player of the year.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


NZ is hosting this years Rugby World Cup.

Darren Lockyer And Benji Marshall.

Names: Darren Lockyer / Benji Marshall Occupation: Famous League players Position: Half backs
FACTS:Darren Lockyer:He has played more games and scored more points for the Brisbane Broncos than any other player in the club's history. Lockyer Started his career playing fullback and then stepped up and played in the halves.Lockyer is holding the record for 350 games in the NRL history.
FACTS:Benji Marshall:He is the current captain of the the Kiwi's, He won the 2008 Rugby World cup and 2010 Nations tournaments.Marshall has spent his whole NRL career to date with the Tigers, winning the 2005 Telstra Premiership with them.

Dan Carter.

Name: Daniel Carter

Age: 29

School attended: Christchurch

Nickname: Dezzy, DC

Dan Carter is currently the top try scorer in test Rugby.
He is a professional Rugby player.
Dan Carter is regarded as one of rugby's greatest ever fly-halves.
His uncle was Canterbury's and All Blacks half back.
He stars on the wonderful Small blacks.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Me and Miss G Trying something new

This morning me and Miss G tried out a new online resource called brainshark.
At the moment we are unable to podcast on our netbooks, but this resource just might help us. We had a few issues with the microphone so we had to record the audio on Miss G's laptop, but I'm sure that this can be sorted for the future.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Trip with Howick Under 15's Netball

In the Holidays I went to New Plymouth with my family. We set off for a 5 hour trip following the under 15’s team down. While my mum was talking I played my PSP and my sister was read her book.

We first stopped at Otorohanga and went to Subway. We left Otorohanga and got back on the road to New Plymouth. We were almost there but then we turned the corner and saw a big erosion. I put my window down and saw all these rocks that had fallen from the side cliffs.

We finaly got to New Plymouth. I looked out my window and saw the wonderful Mount Egmont. I sad to my mum can we go there and she ignored me. We went to Flamingo Motel.
That was were my family was staying.

We went to Mount Egmont and the Zoo it was fun at the mountain because we through snow at each other. I also made a snow angel with the snow on side of the bench. Then I thought “Well thats probely why my mum ignored me”.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mr Burt Speach

This morning we had an a Assembly in the Street. Mr Burt, Our principal came to talk to team 5 about gum and when Mr Burt went overseas.

When Mr Burt went overseas he went to this school that needed repairs and had a metal door, metal detectors and a guard standing at the front door Just to get into the building. When I heard that I was shocked and was also really surprised.

He was also saying that we are very lucky because we have lots of opportunities and very good education. It is really cool when Mr Burt comes to our Assembly's because he always has a cool story.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Term 2 Roller coaster

Term 2 has been a very successful term, with many things including Net books, Tamaki tech, I am making movies 2, swimming, taoga time and sport. This term is based on Bigger, Better, Stronger and Faster.

This term there has been heaps of different things. So far my best thing was soccer because our years 7 and 8 soccer team traveled to Sacred Heart College and came 2ND in our pool and 3rd overall. it was a fun experience and also tyring.

Every day I learn something new on my net book. Our net books have been really helpful and successful to our learning criteria. It is also fun because you can download heaps of games and also use it like it is a book.

Tamaki Tech has been a roller coaster experience for most student here. I am in Electronics with Mr Maholtra. At the moment our group is making a simple circuit that has a light, siren and a switch to turn it on. Using a sodaring machine is like working as an electronic fixer.

Term 2 has been a really fun, exciting and wonderful term. I hope Term 3 will be like this term.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Electronics at Tamaki Tech

This morning team 5 walked down to Tamaki College to do tech. Every Monday we go down to tech from school at eight thirty and our session is from 9 to 11. I am in Electronics with Mr Malhotra.

Today our session was not prepared because our teacher thought that we were finished so then we just talked and made posters. We were just talking and making posters about danger around electricity.

The boys were just talking about Tyler's game in the weekend. It was cool that we got to talk. Next week our teacher will be prepared and ready for our session. It was a cool session today and fun.

Next week is our last week and we are going to science. I enjoyed Electronics this term.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


On Sunday Some of our students went to the Auckland Museum To go to the Movie awards for 2011. We went in a bus to the Museum and saw heaps of other people and students as we departed the bus and went into the museum. When we got in to the museum it was crowded and the lift was getting really full so we pushed in the line and we went to the top level in no time.

It was fun because we got to see Charlie (which was from What Now) and Robin which plays Sheryl West on Outrageous Fortune. There were also heaps of famous people. Also there was our Kapa Haka Senior Group

Pt England sent in seven movies but unfortunately only Three of our movies that made it was Our History Our Heritage, Men of courage and Remember My Roots by Rooms 21 and 13. Unfortunately Men Of Courage did not win but we also got special mentions and we made the nominees. Remember Our Roots movie made it in to the final and Room 21s Our History Our Heritage got Supreme Movie overall and also won there nominees movies.

My favorite part of the night was the Choir Because they made everyone on the top floor clap, smile and laugh.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Argumentive writing

Is Benji Marshall the world best player ? Well I think that Benji is a good role model, I think Darren Lockyer is more experienced than Benji. Lockyer has played more test matches than Benji Marshell. Marshell and Lockyer are both smart players and really good play makers. Benji is hotter than Darren but Darren's voice is cool. Darren locker is sensible and has not had any bad report for drunken behaviour or assault charges or disorderly behavior

Friday, June 3, 2011

The Wonderful Invention Televisons

Televisions are really expensive these days. Televisions are good for showing advertisements and news around the whole world. It is good to know whats happening around the world too. Televisions are huge. They are big, they are small and they can come in many sizes. There are T.Vs that are 152 inches and the smallest that can be as small as a lap top screen.

Televisions are really cool. There are more than 500 channels on Sky and around 30 on freeview or if you have a standard televison they can only pick up around 10 channels. My favourite channel is 70 (Discovery Channel) and my least favorite channel is 76 (Travel Channel).

There are heaps of diffrent televisons like Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, Life’s Good (LG), LCD, Sanyo and Tohsiba.

Friday, May 27, 2011


Today in our school assembly we had to line up differently as a class. Room 21 has to sit in boy, girl, boy, girl lines now because we are at the bottom of the score board and it is to stop boys chatting and girls gossiping during assembly. I think that it is good that we sit like that because we can earn heaps of points by sitting up and not talking.

This morning I thought that we had earned heaps of points because we got a bin it award which is worth 50 points. We also got heaps of stickers worth 10 points. It was really good that we won the bin it because we were at the bottom. I’m glad.

In Assembly Mr Burt has a saying every week, Todays one was bin it. Mr Burts saying was bin it because the whole school has been walking around the school picking up the trash that has been dropped on the ground from students.

I think that was a good saying and there are lucky points to .

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wordle Of Cars

Here is a Wordle that I created. that is only a little bit of cars I know heaps more.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New Inventions

New inventions “WOW”. What a huge difference to our lives.

Cellphones are really handy when it comes to texting and calling. Texting is really handy for letting people know what your are up to, or letting people know weather they are alright and it is also good for a gazillion other things. It is also good for calling and talking to each other and good for an emergency call to the Police, Fire and Ambulances.

These wonderful inventions have heaps of features like games, ring tones, downloading, Internet, music, pictures, searching and G.P.S. They are really handy for teenagers, adults, workers and even children.

Today cellphones cost over 100 dollars, Some are so cheap they are the price of 50 dollars. New cellphones get invented every week and there are heaps of favourite phones like Samsung Galaxy. Today to text and call we need to buy credit. Credit costs 20 dollars.

We are lucky that this invention has come because we can communicate with family and using technology.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

David TUAMAN Tua


38 year old heavyweight champion the TUAMAN is currently holding 2 championship and has held the 1988 New Zealand Amateur heavyweight championship. Tuamanator is Samoan New Zealand PROFESSIONAL boxer. He has competed in the Oceania Amateur championship and won a gold metal in Apia on 1992 and another gold piece in Nukualofa in 1990. He has also been to the World Amateur Championship and brought home a bronze metal and also brought home another bronze he won in Barcelona 1992. the TUAMAN is willing to fight for the heavyweight title.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

La Premire

During the holiday I went to the movies to watch THOR. I woke up and heard my phone ring. I went and got it and it was Raven asking if I would like to go to the movies. When he said movies I jumped up with excitment and said “yeah” .
I went with Raven, Tina and Arron. We went to Hoyts At Sylvia Park. We caught the train to Sylvia Park.
First we went and got some food from the food court and we all got Oporto. We started to head up to the cinemas. When we were at the cinemas we went to Time Out. It was fun because we were playing basket ball and we were playing on the racing cars. We headed up to the La Premire cinema. I went and ordered my popcorn, drink and icecream,it was cool because they said that they will send it to you. This lady walked towawds us and said are you here to watch THOR and we replied and said “yes”. We followed her and she took us through to where the movie play. It was cool because we got to see how the movie played.
So then we went into the movie theatre and took a seat. We were sitting in the area all the way up the top in the lazy boy chairs. The movie started and then we were all excited. My favourite part was when Thor got his hammer back and killed the baddy. It was a very cool movie, I can’t wait until the next holidays.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

How to put up a tent

When a tent is put up correctly it will be usable to sleep in.

To put up a tent you will need these things, pegs, poles, waterproof cover, the base of a tent, string, a bag for all of the materials, hammer\mallet.

STEP 1:Make sure all materials that a needed to put a tent together is in the bag.
STEP 2:Get all of the materials out and put them out neatly.
STEP 3:Find a good place and a flat place. Pull the base to where your spot is.
STEP 4:Peg the base into the position that you have picked.
STEP 5:Put the poles together and make sure that they do not fall apart MAKE SURE THERE SECURE.
STEP 6:Thread the poles through the designed area. Clip the poles into place and tie the poles from the top of the base.
STEP 7:Get the waterproof cover and tie the cover down starting from the top and move your way down.

About Me

Talofa Lava my name is Nathaniel. I am a big fan of league and I am a big fan of the Brisbane Broncos. I also love cars, cars is my passion. My best car is a Ford Shelby V8. I have been going to Point England school for over seven years and I've loved it here now that it is just myself here (my sisters used to go to this school too).

I play league for the Mt Wellington Warriors under 12s. In my team is Sione, Jonty, Lepa and Starford. I am looking foward to this league season.

I like cars so much that I want to be a mechanic in the future.
This year I am looking forward to all the different sports that we will have at school. I am thinking about joining the rugby, league, softball and netball teams.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Camp TC (Take Charge)

Nervously but also full with lots of excitement, I packed my bag on Sunday. I was ready for camp.

The camp was for the year 7 and 8 students. It was held at Point England School on the top field. It was very cool because the year 7 and 8 got to celebrate 21 years of school camping. My group name was Motivatorz and my leaders were Sione and Paulitia.

My group, Motivatorz, first activity was putting up tents, that’s my best activity. Putting up tents was fun. Sione, Tevita and myself were in the same tent. We were the first people to put up the tent so we went and helped other mates.

Our second activity was Hangi Prep with Ms Tito and Mrs Ryan. Hangi Prep was one of my favorite activities for that day. It was cool because I got to see Toko, Tama, Piri, Tainui and Tom dig the pit and sterilise the baskets. The flame was very big it was about to burn the tarpolin that they had put down for the dirt.

My best activity was kayaking. When I saw the kayaks I was surprised because the last four years we have kayaks that cover your body. These kayaks were more open and could fit two people. Some of the kayaks were named Malibu Two - that means its for two people. We ended kayaking with a refreshing swim.

Overall my camp highlight was kayaking with Mr Burt. I got to steer Mr Burts boat and I really enjoyed it because Mr Malloy asked me to put it on high speed. The boat sped and splashed through the water. Camp TC was stupendous and I wish I could be here next year for camp.