Thursday, August 4, 2011

Trip with Howick Under 15's Netball

In the Holidays I went to New Plymouth with my family. We set off for a 5 hour trip following the under 15’s team down. While my mum was talking I played my PSP and my sister was read her book.

We first stopped at Otorohanga and went to Subway. We left Otorohanga and got back on the road to New Plymouth. We were almost there but then we turned the corner and saw a big erosion. I put my window down and saw all these rocks that had fallen from the side cliffs.

We finaly got to New Plymouth. I looked out my window and saw the wonderful Mount Egmont. I sad to my mum can we go there and she ignored me. We went to Flamingo Motel.
That was were my family was staying.

We went to Mount Egmont and the Zoo it was fun at the mountain because we through snow at each other. I also made a snow angel with the snow on side of the bench. Then I thought “Well thats probely why my mum ignored me”.

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