Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mr Burt Speach

This morning we had an a Assembly in the Street. Mr Burt, Our principal came to talk to team 5 about gum and when Mr Burt went overseas.

When Mr Burt went overseas he went to this school that needed repairs and had a metal door, metal detectors and a guard standing at the front door Just to get into the building. When I heard that I was shocked and was also really surprised.

He was also saying that we are very lucky because we have lots of opportunities and very good education. It is really cool when Mr Burt comes to our Assembly's because he always has a cool story.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Term 2 Roller coaster

Term 2 has been a very successful term, with many things including Net books, Tamaki tech, I am making movies 2, swimming, taoga time and sport. This term is based on Bigger, Better, Stronger and Faster.

This term there has been heaps of different things. So far my best thing was soccer because our years 7 and 8 soccer team traveled to Sacred Heart College and came 2ND in our pool and 3rd overall. it was a fun experience and also tyring.

Every day I learn something new on my net book. Our net books have been really helpful and successful to our learning criteria. It is also fun because you can download heaps of games and also use it like it is a book.

Tamaki Tech has been a roller coaster experience for most student here. I am in Electronics with Mr Maholtra. At the moment our group is making a simple circuit that has a light, siren and a switch to turn it on. Using a sodaring machine is like working as an electronic fixer.

Term 2 has been a really fun, exciting and wonderful term. I hope Term 3 will be like this term.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Electronics at Tamaki Tech

This morning team 5 walked down to Tamaki College to do tech. Every Monday we go down to tech from school at eight thirty and our session is from 9 to 11. I am in Electronics with Mr Malhotra.

Today our session was not prepared because our teacher thought that we were finished so then we just talked and made posters. We were just talking and making posters about danger around electricity.

The boys were just talking about Tyler's game in the weekend. It was cool that we got to talk. Next week our teacher will be prepared and ready for our session. It was a cool session today and fun.

Next week is our last week and we are going to science. I enjoyed Electronics this term.