Thursday, March 24, 2011

How to put up a tent

When a tent is put up correctly it will be usable to sleep in.

To put up a tent you will need these things, pegs, poles, waterproof cover, the base of a tent, string, a bag for all of the materials, hammer\mallet.

STEP 1:Make sure all materials that a needed to put a tent together is in the bag.
STEP 2:Get all of the materials out and put them out neatly.
STEP 3:Find a good place and a flat place. Pull the base to where your spot is.
STEP 4:Peg the base into the position that you have picked.
STEP 5:Put the poles together and make sure that they do not fall apart MAKE SURE THERE SECURE.
STEP 6:Thread the poles through the designed area. Clip the poles into place and tie the poles from the top of the base.
STEP 7:Get the waterproof cover and tie the cover down starting from the top and move your way down.

About Me

Talofa Lava my name is Nathaniel. I am a big fan of league and I am a big fan of the Brisbane Broncos. I also love cars, cars is my passion. My best car is a Ford Shelby V8. I have been going to Point England school for over seven years and I've loved it here now that it is just myself here (my sisters used to go to this school too).

I play league for the Mt Wellington Warriors under 12s. In my team is Sione, Jonty, Lepa and Starford. I am looking foward to this league season.

I like cars so much that I want to be a mechanic in the future.
This year I am looking forward to all the different sports that we will have at school. I am thinking about joining the rugby, league, softball and netball teams.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Camp TC (Take Charge)

Nervously but also full with lots of excitement, I packed my bag on Sunday. I was ready for camp.

The camp was for the year 7 and 8 students. It was held at Point England School on the top field. It was very cool because the year 7 and 8 got to celebrate 21 years of school camping. My group name was Motivatorz and my leaders were Sione and Paulitia.

My group, Motivatorz, first activity was putting up tents, that’s my best activity. Putting up tents was fun. Sione, Tevita and myself were in the same tent. We were the first people to put up the tent so we went and helped other mates.

Our second activity was Hangi Prep with Ms Tito and Mrs Ryan. Hangi Prep was one of my favorite activities for that day. It was cool because I got to see Toko, Tama, Piri, Tainui and Tom dig the pit and sterilise the baskets. The flame was very big it was about to burn the tarpolin that they had put down for the dirt.

My best activity was kayaking. When I saw the kayaks I was surprised because the last four years we have kayaks that cover your body. These kayaks were more open and could fit two people. Some of the kayaks were named Malibu Two - that means its for two people. We ended kayaking with a refreshing swim.

Overall my camp highlight was kayaking with Mr Burt. I got to steer Mr Burts boat and I really enjoyed it because Mr Malloy asked me to put it on high speed. The boat sped and splashed through the water. Camp TC was stupendous and I wish I could be here next year for camp.