Friday, May 27, 2011


Today in our school assembly we had to line up differently as a class. Room 21 has to sit in boy, girl, boy, girl lines now because we are at the bottom of the score board and it is to stop boys chatting and girls gossiping during assembly. I think that it is good that we sit like that because we can earn heaps of points by sitting up and not talking.

This morning I thought that we had earned heaps of points because we got a bin it award which is worth 50 points. We also got heaps of stickers worth 10 points. It was really good that we won the bin it because we were at the bottom. I’m glad.

In Assembly Mr Burt has a saying every week, Todays one was bin it. Mr Burts saying was bin it because the whole school has been walking around the school picking up the trash that has been dropped on the ground from students.

I think that was a good saying and there are lucky points to .

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wordle Of Cars

Here is a Wordle that I created. that is only a little bit of cars I know heaps more.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New Inventions

New inventions “WOW”. What a huge difference to our lives.

Cellphones are really handy when it comes to texting and calling. Texting is really handy for letting people know what your are up to, or letting people know weather they are alright and it is also good for a gazillion other things. It is also good for calling and talking to each other and good for an emergency call to the Police, Fire and Ambulances.

These wonderful inventions have heaps of features like games, ring tones, downloading, Internet, music, pictures, searching and G.P.S. They are really handy for teenagers, adults, workers and even children.

Today cellphones cost over 100 dollars, Some are so cheap they are the price of 50 dollars. New cellphones get invented every week and there are heaps of favourite phones like Samsung Galaxy. Today to text and call we need to buy credit. Credit costs 20 dollars.

We are lucky that this invention has come because we can communicate with family and using technology.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

David TUAMAN Tua


38 year old heavyweight champion the TUAMAN is currently holding 2 championship and has held the 1988 New Zealand Amateur heavyweight championship. Tuamanator is Samoan New Zealand PROFESSIONAL boxer. He has competed in the Oceania Amateur championship and won a gold metal in Apia on 1992 and another gold piece in Nukualofa in 1990. He has also been to the World Amateur Championship and brought home a bronze metal and also brought home another bronze he won in Barcelona 1992. the TUAMAN is willing to fight for the heavyweight title.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

La Premire

During the holiday I went to the movies to watch THOR. I woke up and heard my phone ring. I went and got it and it was Raven asking if I would like to go to the movies. When he said movies I jumped up with excitment and said “yeah” .
I went with Raven, Tina and Arron. We went to Hoyts At Sylvia Park. We caught the train to Sylvia Park.
First we went and got some food from the food court and we all got Oporto. We started to head up to the cinemas. When we were at the cinemas we went to Time Out. It was fun because we were playing basket ball and we were playing on the racing cars. We headed up to the La Premire cinema. I went and ordered my popcorn, drink and icecream,it was cool because they said that they will send it to you. This lady walked towawds us and said are you here to watch THOR and we replied and said “yes”. We followed her and she took us through to where the movie play. It was cool because we got to see how the movie played.
So then we went into the movie theatre and took a seat. We were sitting in the area all the way up the top in the lazy boy chairs. The movie started and then we were all excited. My favourite part was when Thor got his hammer back and killed the baddy. It was a very cool movie, I can’t wait until the next holidays.