Friday, May 27, 2011


Today in our school assembly we had to line up differently as a class. Room 21 has to sit in boy, girl, boy, girl lines now because we are at the bottom of the score board and it is to stop boys chatting and girls gossiping during assembly. I think that it is good that we sit like that because we can earn heaps of points by sitting up and not talking.

This morning I thought that we had earned heaps of points because we got a bin it award which is worth 50 points. We also got heaps of stickers worth 10 points. It was really good that we won the bin it because we were at the bottom. I’m glad.

In Assembly Mr Burt has a saying every week, Todays one was bin it. Mr Burts saying was bin it because the whole school has been walking around the school picking up the trash that has been dropped on the ground from students.

I think that was a good saying and there are lucky points to .

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