Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New Inventions

New inventions “WOW”. What a huge difference to our lives.

Cellphones are really handy when it comes to texting and calling. Texting is really handy for letting people know what your are up to, or letting people know weather they are alright and it is also good for a gazillion other things. It is also good for calling and talking to each other and good for an emergency call to the Police, Fire and Ambulances.

These wonderful inventions have heaps of features like games, ring tones, downloading, Internet, music, pictures, searching and G.P.S. They are really handy for teenagers, adults, workers and even children.

Today cellphones cost over 100 dollars, Some are so cheap they are the price of 50 dollars. New cellphones get invented every week and there are heaps of favourite phones like Samsung Galaxy. Today to text and call we need to buy credit. Credit costs 20 dollars.

We are lucky that this invention has come because we can communicate with family and using technology.

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Mrs Lagitupu said...

Hi Nathaniel

Cellphones are great aren't they! It seems as though everyone owns a cellphone these days. They weren't even around when I was your age. Great piece of writing.