Wednesday, May 4, 2011

La Premire

During the holiday I went to the movies to watch THOR. I woke up and heard my phone ring. I went and got it and it was Raven asking if I would like to go to the movies. When he said movies I jumped up with excitment and said “yeah” .
I went with Raven, Tina and Arron. We went to Hoyts At Sylvia Park. We caught the train to Sylvia Park.
First we went and got some food from the food court and we all got Oporto. We started to head up to the cinemas. When we were at the cinemas we went to Time Out. It was fun because we were playing basket ball and we were playing on the racing cars. We headed up to the La Premire cinema. I went and ordered my popcorn, drink and icecream,it was cool because they said that they will send it to you. This lady walked towawds us and said are you here to watch THOR and we replied and said “yes”. We followed her and she took us through to where the movie play. It was cool because we got to see how the movie played.
So then we went into the movie theatre and took a seat. We were sitting in the area all the way up the top in the lazy boy chairs. The movie started and then we were all excited. My favourite part was when Thor got his hammer back and killed the baddy. It was a very cool movie, I can’t wait until the next holidays.

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