Monday, October 18, 2010

Toa Samoa In Ngaruawahia

3 buses had been waiting for our Toa Samoa rugby league teams since 6am. We were going to play in a one day tournament.

When we set of to Ngaruawhahia, We were all very hyped up ready to beat the other teams. We were having fun listening to music while flicking through a league magazine.

We finally made it there after servel hours. When we got of the bus we were provided a big tent so we could gather around for a meeting. We were sussing out all the other team members.

We were up to our final game against Hakula Tonga under 11's at 10 past 5. It was a very hard game We won the game with heaps of points.

We were exhausted on they but we were very proud of ourselves.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Sponge bob square pants

Sponge Bob is my favourite cartoon character. He is a yellow square that lives under the sea and has a lot of friends, he is a very creative and outstanding character and always has something fun to do. He makes me laugh by him doing his laugh and when he is playing dumb.
My favourite episode is 'The Best Day Ever', especially when he misses out on Squidwards time to shine with the clarinet. It is funny when he makes a list on what he is doing today but does not end up doing what he had planned, but then all of his friends stayed behind and sang a song called 'The
Best Day Ever'.
Square Pants best friend Patrick who is a pink starfish, who lives under a rock is always up to trouble when he is with Sponge Bob. Patrick is not like Sponge Bob who has a job and being very creative.
I will never forget that episode and Sponge Bob , especially when i had a fun time watching and laughing a lot.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tui's reading about "SURVIVAL"

Today we had to write fourteen words to support "SURVIVAL"(the story). The words that I found in the text were.
1. Snuggle Together .
2. You should never drink your urine and sea water .
3.You need heaps of water.
4.Use a sponge to dry the inside the life raft.
5.Practise getting into a life raft.
6.Learn how to swim.
7.You need to take sea sick pills so you don't vomit.
8.Keep warm.
9.Know how to inflate the raft.
10.Make sure you were proper clothing
11.Were a life jacket
12.Drink fresh water
13.Learn how to inflate your life raft with a blindfolded on

Monday, August 9, 2010

Immersion Assemblies

Do you know what an immersion assembly is? An immersion assembly is when all of Point England staff members dress up relating to the topic for each new term.

This term we are studying ‘Mighty Mariners’. There were a lot of pirates, but my favourite one was Mrs She. She looked like she wanted to kill Captain James Cook (Miss Burne) with her sword.

One of my favourite assemblies, was ‘Active Earth’ because Mr Burt brought all these things to help survive if a tsunami, earthquake or a storm hit Glen Innes or Pt England.

I think that all schools should have an Immersion Assembly because it’s fun and exciting. It also gives us an idea of what we’re studying for the term.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

State Of Origin

''Did you watch State Of Origin? I did''. My favourite team is North Queensland. I was shouting out "GO GO GO GO". It was time for kick off the hooter went Darren Lockyer kicked of to New South Whales.

My favourite try was Darius Boyd's from an offload off Jonathan Thurston. The second best try was Darren Lockyer's because he just ran through a hole. The score was 24-28 to Queensland.

Mel Meninga, the greatest legend of all, is the coach for Queensland. He was happy to see his boys out there representing their state. Craig Bellamy (the coach of NSW) was shocked to see his side lose.

I can't wait for the next game in June. "Go Queensland!".

Thursday, April 22, 2010

My first day of 2010

On the first day of school I was excited to see what class I was in. We dawdled to the hall and was waiting for the excitement of seeing which class we were going in. "Yes!" I shouted out loud, "I'm in Ms Tito's class". we went to class and I was not so happy when we were far away from the playground. But then I got over it and had fun. Being in room19 is going to be a challenge for me because Ms Tito is Maori, so she talks Maori to us. This class is an active class. I am looking forward to the rest of 2010.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010