Thursday, August 25, 2011

Silly, Funny, Different And Energetic.

Silly, funny, different and energetic Games played in the middle block of school. Down on the bottom field, team 5 teachers (Mrs Lagitupu, Mrs Nua, Mr Harris and Ms Tito) each put on an exciting games, including a slingshot, sponge and water, ball tagger and hold a tennis ball on a spoon. It was a rotation of 10 minutes each activity.

First every body started in there own classes and then we made our rotation. Room 21 started with playing ball tagger and then we moved to the slingshot. Ms Tito was taking the slingshot, that was my favorite. It was the best because you could earn up to 100 points, and who ever got the most points could have a turn with it at lunch time. We only scored 10 points unfortunately, because Stevie slinged the shot and it hit me so Ms Tito gave room 21 points.

It was Funny at Mrs Nua’s game because you could get wet but the objective was to try get as much water in one bucket to another. It was funny because people kept squeezing the water before they even got it in the bucket.that was the funniest event.

I was glad that we had that opportunity to spend with the different teachers. It was awesome that we could get out of class and to enjoy the sun. It was really funny, silly, different and energetic.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Howick Hornet Taking On The Otahuhu Leopards

Nervously waiting for the finals as, the Otahuhu Leopards take on The Mighty Howick Hornets. It is so good that the Hornets are taking charge and pride with how they play. That is why the hornets finished in a good place.

It was a thrilling year for the Hornets finishing on the top of the Fox Memorial premiership. It was a tough year for the hornets with there 50th Jubilee. Well isn’t that a cool present?

On our way to the Mount Smart Stadium, It was a nerve racker. Thinking about the game was really scary thinking that something bad could happen. It was really exciting and also scary.

When I got there I had to get changed and warm up. It was awesome because we looked the same as the players and even people wanted to take pictures and told us that I looked like the 14th player. ( I thought it was funny).

It was halftime and the score was 12 - 4 to the Hornet leading the whole game. It was really cool hearing the crowd going wild and crazy. It was the end of the game and the hornets take it this year leaving Otahuhu with tears. It was the first time in 50 years that the Club has been in a final and last year it was the fist year that we have been in the Fox Memorial Premiership.

My brother Tony Tuia got the Doug Price Player of the day And also got Fox Prop of the year and also got nominated for the Fox player of the year.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


NZ is hosting this years Rugby World Cup.

Darren Lockyer And Benji Marshall.

Names: Darren Lockyer / Benji Marshall Occupation: Famous League players Position: Half backs
FACTS:Darren Lockyer:He has played more games and scored more points for the Brisbane Broncos than any other player in the club's history. Lockyer Started his career playing fullback and then stepped up and played in the halves.Lockyer is holding the record for 350 games in the NRL history.
FACTS:Benji Marshall:He is the current captain of the the Kiwi's, He won the 2008 Rugby World cup and 2010 Nations tournaments.Marshall has spent his whole NRL career to date with the Tigers, winning the 2005 Telstra Premiership with them.

Dan Carter.

Name: Daniel Carter

Age: 29

School attended: Christchurch

Nickname: Dezzy, DC

Dan Carter is currently the top try scorer in test Rugby.
He is a professional Rugby player.
Dan Carter is regarded as one of rugby's greatest ever fly-halves.
His uncle was Canterbury's and All Blacks half back.
He stars on the wonderful Small blacks.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Me and Miss G Trying something new

This morning me and Miss G tried out a new online resource called brainshark.
At the moment we are unable to podcast on our netbooks, but this resource just might help us. We had a few issues with the microphone so we had to record the audio on Miss G's laptop, but I'm sure that this can be sorted for the future.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Trip with Howick Under 15's Netball

In the Holidays I went to New Plymouth with my family. We set off for a 5 hour trip following the under 15’s team down. While my mum was talking I played my PSP and my sister was read her book.

We first stopped at Otorohanga and went to Subway. We left Otorohanga and got back on the road to New Plymouth. We were almost there but then we turned the corner and saw a big erosion. I put my window down and saw all these rocks that had fallen from the side cliffs.

We finaly got to New Plymouth. I looked out my window and saw the wonderful Mount Egmont. I sad to my mum can we go there and she ignored me. We went to Flamingo Motel.
That was were my family was staying.

We went to Mount Egmont and the Zoo it was fun at the mountain because we through snow at each other. I also made a snow angel with the snow on side of the bench. Then I thought “Well thats probely why my mum ignored me”.