Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Howick Hornet Taking On The Otahuhu Leopards

Nervously waiting for the finals as, the Otahuhu Leopards take on The Mighty Howick Hornets. It is so good that the Hornets are taking charge and pride with how they play. That is why the hornets finished in a good place.

It was a thrilling year for the Hornets finishing on the top of the Fox Memorial premiership. It was a tough year for the hornets with there 50th Jubilee. Well isn’t that a cool present?

On our way to the Mount Smart Stadium, It was a nerve racker. Thinking about the game was really scary thinking that something bad could happen. It was really exciting and also scary.

When I got there I had to get changed and warm up. It was awesome because we looked the same as the players and even people wanted to take pictures and told us that I looked like the 14th player. ( I thought it was funny).

It was halftime and the score was 12 - 4 to the Hornet leading the whole game. It was really cool hearing the crowd going wild and crazy. It was the end of the game and the hornets take it this year leaving Otahuhu with tears. It was the first time in 50 years that the Club has been in a final and last year it was the fist year that we have been in the Fox Memorial Premiership.

My brother Tony Tuia got the Doug Price Player of the day And also got Fox Prop of the year and also got nominated for the Fox player of the year.

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Yorel said...

Go the Hornets!!! champions!!!
Awesome story Nathaniel,
You did a great job this year bro!

Yorel.(Leroys son)