Thursday, August 25, 2011

Silly, Funny, Different And Energetic.

Silly, funny, different and energetic Games played in the middle block of school. Down on the bottom field, team 5 teachers (Mrs Lagitupu, Mrs Nua, Mr Harris and Ms Tito) each put on an exciting games, including a slingshot, sponge and water, ball tagger and hold a tennis ball on a spoon. It was a rotation of 10 minutes each activity.

First every body started in there own classes and then we made our rotation. Room 21 started with playing ball tagger and then we moved to the slingshot. Ms Tito was taking the slingshot, that was my favorite. It was the best because you could earn up to 100 points, and who ever got the most points could have a turn with it at lunch time. We only scored 10 points unfortunately, because Stevie slinged the shot and it hit me so Ms Tito gave room 21 points.

It was Funny at Mrs Nua’s game because you could get wet but the objective was to try get as much water in one bucket to another. It was funny because people kept squeezing the water before they even got it in the bucket.that was the funniest event.

I was glad that we had that opportunity to spend with the different teachers. It was awesome that we could get out of class and to enjoy the sun. It was really funny, silly, different and energetic.

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