Friday, September 3, 2010

Sponge bob square pants

Sponge Bob is my favourite cartoon character. He is a yellow square that lives under the sea and has a lot of friends, he is a very creative and outstanding character and always has something fun to do. He makes me laugh by him doing his laugh and when he is playing dumb.
My favourite episode is 'The Best Day Ever', especially when he misses out on Squidwards time to shine with the clarinet. It is funny when he makes a list on what he is doing today but does not end up doing what he had planned, but then all of his friends stayed behind and sang a song called 'The
Best Day Ever'.
Square Pants best friend Patrick who is a pink starfish, who lives under a rock is always up to trouble when he is with Sponge Bob. Patrick is not like Sponge Bob who has a job and being very creative.
I will never forget that episode and Sponge Bob , especially when i had a fun time watching and laughing a lot.