Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tui's reading about "SURVIVAL"

Today we had to write fourteen words to support "SURVIVAL"(the story). The words that I found in the text were.
1. Snuggle Together .
2. You should never drink your urine and sea water .
3.You need heaps of water.
4.Use a sponge to dry the inside the life raft.
5.Practise getting into a life raft.
6.Learn how to swim.
7.You need to take sea sick pills so you don't vomit.
8.Keep warm.
9.Know how to inflate the raft.
10.Make sure you were proper clothing
11.Were a life jacket
12.Drink fresh water
13.Learn how to inflate your life raft with a blindfolded on

Monday, August 9, 2010

Immersion Assemblies

Do you know what an immersion assembly is? An immersion assembly is when all of Point England staff members dress up relating to the topic for each new term.

This term we are studying ‘Mighty Mariners’. There were a lot of pirates, but my favourite one was Mrs She. She looked like she wanted to kill Captain James Cook (Miss Burne) with her sword.

One of my favourite assemblies, was ‘Active Earth’ because Mr Burt brought all these things to help survive if a tsunami, earthquake or a storm hit Glen Innes or Pt England.

I think that all schools should have an Immersion Assembly because it’s fun and exciting. It also gives us an idea of what we’re studying for the term.