Thursday, November 17, 2011

Maniakalani Film Festival.

I felt nervous. Was I going to be on the big screen? Getting ready to approach the buses, we were going to the HOYTS movie theatre at Sylvia Park to watch a variety of movies. This involved 7 schools from our cluster. We send our movies that we creatively made for the Maniakalani film festival that has been around now for a few years.

Laughing, clapping, shouting... what else? It was another great experience when we saw ourselves on the big screen. It felt like we had new future ahead of us. Myself and a group of experts put together a movie called Enviro-Travel. It took about 2 weeks to plan, film, prep and write the script. It ended up being an excellent movie and everyone laughed at my Russian accent.

My most favourite movie was Te News. It was so funny I burst into laughter. I was so surprised at what these little kids made. The funniest thing I found was Brodie Jacks acting. It was hilarious when he was not ready and always laughed after something fell or was funny.

We sat in the Xtreme Cinema but when i come as a family we sit in the La Primer and watch movies in 3D. I said to Tyler P that it will be awesome if There were a 3D movies at the Film festival. It was really fun when all the movies were playing and then the last one played and the lights turned on and everyone went OHH!!!

I would hope i’ll be able to come next year in college and also make heaps of movies there to. We had to share the cinema with Tamaki Intermediate and the junior’s that Attend Glen Brae. I wish I can go next year and i’ll also want to star in another movie when we all go to Tamaki College. That is always a good influence for our school.