Thursday, June 23, 2011


On Sunday Some of our students went to the Auckland Museum To go to the Movie awards for 2011. We went in a bus to the Museum and saw heaps of other people and students as we departed the bus and went into the museum. When we got in to the museum it was crowded and the lift was getting really full so we pushed in the line and we went to the top level in no time.

It was fun because we got to see Charlie (which was from What Now) and Robin which plays Sheryl West on Outrageous Fortune. There were also heaps of famous people. Also there was our Kapa Haka Senior Group

Pt England sent in seven movies but unfortunately only Three of our movies that made it was Our History Our Heritage, Men of courage and Remember My Roots by Rooms 21 and 13. Unfortunately Men Of Courage did not win but we also got special mentions and we made the nominees. Remember Our Roots movie made it in to the final and Room 21s Our History Our Heritage got Supreme Movie overall and also won there nominees movies.

My favorite part of the night was the Choir Because they made everyone on the top floor clap, smile and laugh.

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