Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Yay Tennis had arrived to Pt England school. Today tennis was enjoyable. It was intense, competitive and exhausting. We were practising how to use a tennis racket, We were on the senior courts with a man named Marcelle. He plays tennis for a club

It was hard and easy but the boys got it done easily.The girls just weren’t eager to face the boys in the mini comp. We moved on to doing drills but before we started playing a mini comp we had to know how to handle a ball and the tennis racket. So we spilt up into different groups and practised hitting and the whole class got to have a turn with playing on a mini court.

We played a game called King/Queen Of the Court. In groups we had to pass the ball over to the king (which was me) and then I had to hit it back to them without hitting the ball over to the line or hitting it out. It was fun and then...

I got moved to another group so I could get a challenge but I still smashed it at the other group but I was still the king. It was really funny because every time someone won they had to do a victory dance. I had to do it all the time.

Next week we have another session in the morning, Marcelle said to rm 21 we will practise using our back hand and and have a big tournament. He was saying we are really good and really sportie, It is really exciting.

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