Tuesday, September 20, 2011


The baby is as smooth as silk.
The baby is like a cute little monkey.
The baby is as loud as a truck.

The monkey is as hairy as a lions main.
The monkey is like a little tree climber.
The monkey is as small as a baby.

The car is as noisy as a truck.
The car is like the roar of of a jet boat.
The car is as clean as the whiteboard.

As brave as a warrior.
As brave like a monkey when climbing tree’s.
As brave as a lion.

As smooth as a plastic bag.
As smooth as a cars body kit.
As smooth as baby bottem.

As soft as a pillow.
As soft as a 3 ply toilet paper
As soft like a monkeys tummie

As happy as someone who has just won lotto.
As happy as if someone got a little puppy.
As happy like it’s your birthday.

As loud as a construcsion site.
As loud as the roar of the fans at Eden Park.
As loud as the Kumeu Drags.

As warm as lying on a wheat bag.
As warm as The heater circulating around the room.
As warm like a netbook over heating.

As large like a consruction digger.
As large as a movie therte.
As large like a rhino.

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Toko @ Pt England school said...

Hi Nathaniel I really like your smiles because they are interesting cool funny and fun to read. I really like the way how you explained your smiles. Thank-You