Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I was reading at the walk way during lunch time when suddenly I saw a glider. It was on the reserve. I rushed over to the bottom field to see. I thought that it looked like a boomerang. The man was like super man and it was funny when he was flying in the sky.It sounded like a scooter because it had a rotor on the back of it.I was like really exicited when I saw the glider.I thought that it was so fascinating when he came over.

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Mele said...

Kia Ora Rm15
I like the way that you had some actors to act in a play.The art was realy cool and deatailed too.The part I liked the most was when you acted and when you expressed your selves in the play.My favourite acter in the play was Nathaniel's character beacause his voice sounded funny.
Good Bye for now.
From Mele Rm12.